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In a huge effort to find quality eyepieces, I came across Svbony and found their products to be of very high quality - often competing with well-known brands, especially for the price. I also found that the selection of eyepieces in South Africa is scarce, and that even if you do find what you want, it's likely to be out of stock or otherwise unavailable. With the range of products from Svbony, there is something for the beginner, and even for the seasoned amateur. Some of the new products are really making waves in the hobby, with some all-new designs, and quality modifications to existing designs, such as blackened lens edges, and more and better optical coatings in their eyepieces to reduce glare, and to maximize light transmission.

Browse the wide selection of Svbony filters, adapters, as well as many other interesting products, and let the sky become your playground!

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